Eashan Karnik

Position and Organisation:
Juris Doctor Candidate, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

Eashan Karnik, FRSA is a Juris Doctor candidate at the University of Ottawa. His work in policy and strategy development has led him across Canada to advise on legislation such as Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, Mississauga’s Strategic Plan, and Ontario’s Clean Water Act. His prior experience includes working to provide eco-protection funding to agricultural communities in Alberta, serving as a policy advisor on the Environmental Action Committee of Mississauga, and supporting the First Nations Drinking Water Initiative to better drinking-water access in Ontario’s indigenous communities.

For his work, Eashan has received the Civic Award of Recognition from Mayor Bonnie Crombie, been selected by Mississauga’s Council as its Community Leader in Ottawa, and been elected into the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts. He has also represented Canada at the United Nations Youth Assembly as Head Delegate for the University of Toronto, at the Youth Innovation Summit on Parliament Hill as one of 15 Canadians selected by the British Council, and as Young Diplomats of Canada’s Head Delegate to the World Trade Organization’s Public Forum.

Eashan is driven by his determination to protect Canada’s lands and waters, and serve our nation and the City of Ottawa by bettering its communities.