Open AIR Annual Report 2016

2016 marked Open AIR’s most significant leap thus far.

Our Annual Report, “From Project to Partnerships” highlights just some of our most significant accomplishments. During the year, we have:

  • Integrated new members into the network’s leadership structures and research activities, especially in the areas of innovation policy, management, and economics;
  • Implemented the planned new governance structure through regular Steering Committee meetings to set milestones and timelines;
  • Invested in new systems and tools to facilitate effective and efficient management of complex, international, empirical research;
  • Held engaging workshops, meetings, and/or events at all of Open AIR’s institutional hubs – in North, East, West and Southern Africa, and in Canada;
  • Empowered new and emerging researchers through unique research and international experiences in the fields of innovation and intellectual property;
  • Produced draft papers and working papers establishing conceptual frameworks and baseline literature reviews for each of Open AIR’s four core research themes;
  • Solicited, reviewed, discussed, and approved 20 new high-potential case studies across our research themes;
  • Continued to witness outcomes of Open AIR’s previous research, including impacts on national and international policymakers, as well as researchers; and
  • Continued to build a solid foundation to mobilise Open AIR’s insights into practice through a cutting-edge website, an active social media presence, and ongoing communications and outreach.

Read the full Annual Report below or download a PDF of the report.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership