History of Open AIR

The Open African Innovation Research network, known as Open AIR, has a relatively brief but rich history. Its roots trace back to several research projects conceived and executed in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century. During and around the period from 2010-2015, Open AIR expanded its reach to cover new issues, perspectives and countries. The latest phase of Open AIR’s activities positions our African-focused research in the middle of a growing global network, strengthening cross-regional connections amongst Africa and the rest of the world.

Open AIR’s aim, in its current third phase (2015 onwards),  is to continue to generate data and evidence for policymakers to use in their decision-making. We are continuing to grow the network and are reigniting relationships established during our early days, especially in Francophone African countries. We aim to solve new problems related to the role of open, proprietary, and blended models for scaling up knowledge-based businesses. And we are positioning our network even more centrally within a dynamic global community, including cross-regional connections with Canada and other developed countries. Learn more about our network’s next steps here.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership