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Open A.I.R. has just published a Briefing Note based on its research into collaborations between formal and informal sectors in the Ugandan capital city Kampala. There is also a companion video on the same topic, featuring commentary by Open A.I.R. researchers Dr. Dick Kawooya and Prof. Jeremy de Beer.

Today (3 October) at the 2014 WTO Public Forum in Geneva, Open A.I.R., WTI, UNCTAD, IDEAS Centre and ICTSD are jointly organising a panel discussion looking at the roles of innovation, IP and informal sectors in Africa’s development process. Also being discussed is how partners can contribute with improved technology transfer and better-targeted technical assistance. In the majority of African countries, the informal economy predominates, and Africa’s informal sectors are particularly adept at appropriating knowledge to facilitate rapid and locally relevant innovation. Open A.I.R. is being represented by Uganda Team researcher Dr. Dick Kawooya of the University of South Carolina and Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Tobias Schonwetter of the University of Cape Town. Among other things, Kawooya and Schonwetter will draw attention to:


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