Techno-collaboration by Nollywood Entrepreneurship

The Nollywood Phenomenon: An Evolutionary Narrative of Techno-Collaboration and Transformative Entrepreneurship

The Researchers

Chidi Oguamanam
Vipal Jain
Katie Degendorfer

About this Study

This case study aims to deconstruct Nollywood’s near-total focus on pop culture and on “the social and cultural forces of the local”, showcasing the realities of the everyday lives of ordinary West Africans as a kind of openness worthy of interrogation. This approach places Nollywood, disruptively, outside the enclosed intellectual postcolonial political economics of African film history.

This research seeks to determine:
1) If and in what form a collaborative dynamic can be found in the Nollywood industry
2) The role technology and other factors continue to play in Nollywood’s evolution
3) What form of openness accounts for Nollywood’s success as a brand, industry, and entrepreneurial experience

These three strands of inquiry weave together Open AIR’s themes of informal sector innovation and local entrepreneurs, along with an element of technology, in order to better understand the dynamism of Nollywood.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership