Teachers as Entrepreneurs for STEM Innovation in Ghana

Teachers as Grassroots Entrepreneurs: Modeling the Dissemination of Local STEM Innovation in Ghana

The Researchers

Heather Beem
Gordon Adomdza
Anna Waldman-Brown

About this Study

Innovations in Ghana’s K-12 STEM education exist at the grassroots level, but are not systematically documented or publicized. It is unknown how these new ideas get disseminated among educators. For this reason, this research will detail the dissemination process of STEM education innovation in Ghana.

STEM education is being specifically explored because of Ghana’s standardized curricula; teachers throughout the country must all teach the same classes and face similar resource constraints. Therefore, how do STEM educators share their innovations? Which categories of innovation are dominant? Are the networks through which they deploy these innovations self-reinforcing? Results from this case study will help inform grassroots innovation education activities in West Africa and identify low-cost solutions, helping schools throughout the country and West Africa as a whole.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership