Scaling Up Micro-Enterprise at the Otigba Computer Village

Understanding the Nexus between Knowledge Dynamics, Innovation and Scaling-Up in Informal Micro-Enterprises: The Case of Otigba Computer Village in Nigeria

The Researchers

Oluseye Jegede
Emmanuel Ogunjemilua
Blessing Ajao
Billy Oluwale

About this Study

The vast majority of African economic activity is in the informal sector, but innovation studies usually focus on the formal sector. To better measure innovation in Africa, we must study the processes of the many informal microenterprises, where innovations are often sourced through knowledge management rather than with new research.

This study focuses on the Otigba Computer Village, in Lagos, Nigeria, which has been described as the ICT hub of West Africa, the biggest ICT market in Africa, and the Silicon Valley of West Africa – because of the size and the volume of its daily business activities. This study examines the knowledge dynamics in the computer village’s informal ICT enterprises, with a view to understanding how knowledge dynamics drive informal enterprises’ innovation and ability to scale up.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership