Power Relations in Egypt’s High Tech Hubs

Power Relations and Knowledge Governance Systems at High Technology Hubs: The Case of Egypt

The Researchers

Nagla Rizk
Nagham El Houssamy
Nadine Weheba

About this Study

The case study examines and analyzes the knowledge governance systems and existing power relations at different high technology hubs in Egypt, and assess the extent to which these systems facilitate or hinder startups’ ability to scale up. The research provides potential for comparative studies between different models of tech-hubs in different contexts both within the continent and outside of Africa.

Specifically, the case study will examine the value of collaboration within the different contexts being studied, like university incubators, government incubators and private incubators. Additionally, we will identify the types of knowledge creation and innovation that occurs at the high technology hubs and escapes mainstream measurements.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership