Open Innovation for Indigenous Entrepreneurship in Arts & Crafts

ICT in Open Collaborative Innovation for the Handicraft Industry: Opportunities for Indigenous and Local Entrepreneurs

The Researchers

Marisella Ouma
Mary Moni

About this Study

Over the years, the trade of goods from indigenous and local communities (ILCs) has increased. These include biological resources as well as traditional cultural expressions. This traditional knowledge must be protected while remaining available and usable. Management of knowledge systems is an important component in ensuring that traditional knowledge is shared and used properly.

This study will explore how knowledge management as well as legal and institutional frameworks can be used by entrepreneurs in ILCs in Kenya and Rwanda to realize their potential using traditional cultural expressions. We will examine the role of open collaborative innovation among ILCs, focusing on the crafts industry in Kenya and Rwanda. Specifically, the case study will look at how open collaborative innovation, use of information communication technology, and traditional knowledge commons can help create opportunities for innovation by ILCs in Kenya and Rwanda.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership