Gender Empowerment by the Maasai Women Development Organization

Creativity and Innovation for Gender Empowerment: A Case Study of the Maasai Women Development Organization (MWEDO)

The Researchers

Eliamani Laltaika
Agnes Robert
Christine Millya

About this Study

The Maasai ethnic group is, traditionally, a male-dominated community. Women do not own any property. However, there is a strong moral prohibition against men interfering with artistic activities of women, such as in beadwork. The Maasai Women Development Organization (MWEDO), an NGO registered in Tanzania, aims to empower marginalized Maasai women and has made use of such social structures to enhance creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among a group of Maasai women for gender empowerment. MWEDO is using ICTs to scale up their women’s TK-based businesses using web platforms to reach new markets.

The aim of this study is to investigate the business model developed by MWEDO, including access to markets in the US and Europe, knowledge sharing for designs from Europe reproduced by MWEDO, and the role of intellectual property rights such as collective trademarks for enhanced marketing arrangements.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership