Collaborative Innovation to Boost SMME Growth in Botswana

Collaborative Innovation: A Means to Boost SMME Growth and Development in Botswana

The Researchers

Njoku Ola Ama
Francis Nathan Okurut

About this Study

Small micro and medium scale enterprises (SMMEs) promote inclusive growth through creation of employment opportunities for the poor. However, the full potential of SMMEs in terms of poverty reduction, social protection, and empowerment – particularly for women – is yet to be fully harnessed, because the connection  between institutions, SMME entrepreneurship, gender, employment, and development have not been adequately explored.

This study aims to determine how SMMEs can grow their businesses through open collaborative innovation. This study will examine three cities in Botswana: Gaborone, Francistown, and Lobatse, because they are the busiest for both formal and informal businesses. All SMMEs experience different challenges, but this study suggests that these problems can be overcome by open collaborative innovation. Young businesses and bigger firms mutually benefit through such collaboration, building working relationships, facilitating the exchange of ideas, and ensuring healthy competition.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership