3D Printing: Enabler of Social Entrepreneurship in Africa?

3D printing as an enabler for social entrepreneurship in Africa – The Role of Low Cost Printers and FabLabs

The Researchers

Tobias Schonwetter
Bram Van Wiele

About this Study

3D printing is starting to revolutionize developed countries’ economies, but could have an enormous impact on the world’s most marginalised people in Africa. With 3D printing, African countries’ could reduce their dependence on imported goods, and foster local innovation and entrepreneurship.

This case study aims to develop a better and more nuanced understanding of how 3D printing can change entrepreneurship in Africa. Changes such as the lowering the minimum volumes for production, facilitating rapid prototyping, and tailoring products to personal and demographic needs could help countries enable local communities and entrepreneurs to create new, locally-relevant products.

The Open African Innovation Research Partnership