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Prof. Osei-Tutu Speaks at the University of Ottawa

Professor Janewa Osei-Tutu, an Associate Professor of Law at Florida International University, was invited for the Open AIR network’s inaugural Distinguished Speaker Series session, conducted jointly with the University of Ottawa Centre for Law, Technology and Society. Professor Osei-Tutu’s talk is the beginning of a series of discussion that Open AIR will be hosting over the next several years.

Prof. Osei-Tutu speaks at the University of Ottawa

Too often, scholarly work and debates relating to Intellectual Property (IP) have focused on the protection and profits of the IP holder, as opposed to promoting open-access and the broader interests of the community. In her talk at the University of Ottawa on February 9th, Professor Janewa Osei-Tutu suggested we readjust the lens through which IP innovation is examined, using human development as the standard.

Upcoming research into informal entrepreneurs

Our Open AIR researcher Dr. Erika Kraemer-Mbula is continuing her exciting research in South Africa about informal sector entrepreneurs.

Informal entrepreneurship is receiving increasing scholarly and political attention in Africa. The continent’s booming youth population calls for an unprecedented need to create income and livelihood opportunities. Besides the traditional focus on formalisation, there is a growing interest in understanding the creative processes and innovations occurring in informal enterprises. However, evidence remains scarce, and research on informal enterprises still represents a relatively new and unexplored frontier.